Hi there! Welcome to the new Nurse.com Blog

By: Jennifer Thew, National Nurse Editor at Nurse.com

Welcome old (and new) friends! Thanks for stopping by to visit the brand-spanking new Nurse.com blog.

We’re so excited about our new place that we’d offer you a cup of coffee if we could.  Unfortunately, there are still some things technology hasn’t quite figured out (yet). Still, we’re excited to show off our new digs and welcome you to our humble abode. Can we tell you all about? Yes? Yay!

Here at Nurse.com, we’re absolutely smitten with nurses. That’s why we’ve been providing you with high-quality news, cutting-edge continuing education options and amazing job opportunities for more than 24 years. What’s that? We don’t look a day over 15? Why thank you! We wear lot’s of sunscreen to keep that youthful look.

And staying fresh is exactly why we’ve started the Nurse.com blog. Nursing is serious business. But sometimes you just want a good friend to sit down with you and talk about things in plain English.

That’s why we are here. To help you relate to the big issues on personal level. You’ll meet our Nurse.com cast of characters in the upcoming months as they give you the scoop on everything nursing.

Mi casa es su casa. In other words, our home is your home. So if you want us cover a topic, just give us a shout. And feel free to chime in anytime to share your views on things. We’d love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks so much for stopping by! Come back soon. We’re happy to have you!

About Nurse.com
Welcome to Nurse.com — leading the conversation about nurses’ professional lives, news and ideas. Follow our blog and be where the nurses are.

One Response to Hi there! Welcome to the new Nurse.com Blog

  1. just want to say this is great site and i love reading your posts 1

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