Infographic: 2013 Education Nursing Survey recently conducted an education survey that gathered answers and comments from more than 25,000 respondents regarding their education levels, employment settings, job positions and future education goals. Below are highlights from the survey.

How long have you been a nurse?  How your educational goals have changed throughout the years? Let us know in the comments box.

Click on the infographic to see it in a larger view.

2013EducationSurvey_InfoGraphic_R5 (2)

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5 Responses to Infographic: 2013 Education Nursing Survey

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  2. Hi
    Interesting and informative Info graphic. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Damon Scott says:

    One of my mates participated in this competition of State of Education in Colorado. He was quite satisfied with the jury at the first place but later something weird happened which demotivated him to the extreme and he had to withdraw himself off this competition.

  4. Machawe Clifford Dlamini says:

    Thats realy wounderful

  5. What is CNA says:

    Terrific data! and very informative. It should help nurses in a big way especially now that developments in other countries may impact on how one would view a career in nursing.

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