Nurses, are you too stressed out? Tell us about it!

Editor’s note: This post is brought to you by Vickie Milazzo Institute.

Vickie L. Milazzo, RN, MSN, JD

As an RN, your day-to-day is loaded with commitments and responsibilities that the rest of the working world only can imagine. Pushing yourself to a breaking point day in and day out for your career is enough to make even the most energetic of nurses feel stressed out. Believe me, I’ve been there, done that, and have the unfortunate grey hair or two to prove it! Thanks to my hair stylist you’ll never see it. ☺ That’s why I’m launching this stress study – to get to the root of the nursing industry’s stress epidemic … and you can help! Scroll down to take this 12-question survey: Are You Way Too Stressed Out?

In today’s fast-paced world we all have enough to contend with. Add the stress of a nursing career and it’s a wonder that we make it through the week! Whether you’re sleep deprived, surviving on takeout, undercompensated, feeling underappreciated at work or are completely happy and satisfied with your RN job, I urge you to take the survey today. Through your participation, together we can uncover valuable industry data to better understand the stresses that affect nurses.

The aim of this survey is to determine the cause and effect of stress, with the hope of revealing tips for combating stress inside and outside the hospital. Our findings will be revealed right here on Tuesday, June 24 – so remember to check back!

It’s time to stand up to stress! Take the survey now!

Are You Way Too Stressed? | Vickie Milazzo Institute

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4 Responses to Nurses, are you too stressed out? Tell us about it!

  1. I am a RN working in a Long-term Care Facility and I can relate to the topic of stress in the work place. I often feel that there is not enough time to get everything done that is required of us. And a 12 hour shift should be sufficient time to get everything done.
    Right? Well, most of the time it is not. Situations arise such as a fall, or a change of patient status and more paperwork is required on top of patient care. These times working as an RN can be stressful at work and may spill over into personal time as well. Thanks.

  2. Kay Gremmels says:

    Until the legal system starts to charge the nursing management and hospital administration with negligence, in stead of only the front line staff RN assigned to the patient, this situation will continue. I 100% with all the comments posted in this white paper about nursing and hospital management. I have seen it and have lived it. It is living hell and for those of us who dare to speak up and question it, we are fired( don’t we tell our patients to “speak up and question’?). We are nit picked and micro managed until the nurse manager gets enough of their so called paper trail to get rid of us. You can not be a working nurse and practice ethics and remain employed!! I know I have lived it. These nursing managers need to start being sued along with their administrator friends. The nursing manager also have an RN license why are they not sued for the patient injuries that occur on their units- they are the ones calling the shots!! The non nursing licensed hospital administrators who want to tell nurses how to do their jobs should be held as accountable in a law suit as if they had a nursing license- its all in the family!!

  3. Kay Gremmels says:

    This situation will come to a screeching halt if nursing managers and hospital admins were held liable in negligence, malpractice and personal injury suits for their corporate decisions.

  4. Jean Allison says:

    Instead of saying RNs, can’t you see that all healthcare workers are extremely stressed out. I am an LPN, and the things we are forced to do is criminal! But if you forget to cross that “T”, we are forced to resign, or worse. They are targeting alot of long term nurses d/t their higher pay. They think the inexperienced nurse won’t be stressed??? They’ll burn out quicker! So lets be fair. I also know alot of Drs. are getting stressed ,also.

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